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I am now a member and have registered the surname


About the study

I started researching my own family history in the 1980s. My first study of the distribution of my Hunter name began at the Family History Center in Mesa, Arizona, and my collection of births, marriages and deaths have grown over these twenty plus years. After reading several family history books I then decided it was time for me to get serious with my goal to write my own book about my Hunter Heritage. I began following several blogs and one of the genealogists blogged about her one-name study. I then started researching about the Guild of One-name Studies and registered the surname with the Guild of One-name Studies in 2016. My ancestors are from the Clan Hunter of Hunterston in Scotland.

Old Scottish

The frequency with which the surname Hunter in Scotland appears in Scottish historical records to determine the following rank are Census (1841-1911), Old Parish Registers 1538-1854, Statutory Registration of births, deaths and Catholic parish records (1703-1992), Valuation rolls (1855-1925) and Scottish wills and testaments (1513-1925). This record set currently includes 8597 surnames.

Hunter is ranked 47

The three counties in Scotland with the highest per-capita incidence of the surname in 1841.

1) Clackmannanshire (3945.82)
2) Shetland (1391.27)
3) Bute (1037.6)

Clan Hunter Gatherings

After thirty years of researching my Hunter genealogy, and becoming a historian of our family history, I decided to register the Hunter surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

My paternal line goes to the ancestors of the Lairds of Hunterston Castle in West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland.

In 2014 I attended my very first Clan Hunter Gathering in Scotland, and this coming
2017 I will be attending another one.

Our Clan Chief, Pauline Hunter of Hunterston, 30th Laird of Hunterston, has a Clan
Hunter International Gathering every three years.


Clan History Booklet published by Clan Hunter UK

Clan Hunter membership Certificate

Photos by Carol Hunter Sullivan