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Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland

Hunterston Castle is on the coast NW of West Kilbride, N Ayrshire (on the coast SW of Glasgow), SW Scotland.
This is a strategic location at the mouth of the Clyde, the main sea access to Glasgow.

The original Hunter lands were Ardneil (or “Arnele” or “Arnell” or “Arnelle”).  Ardneil Bay extends from West Kilbride towards Portencross on the S side of the Hunterston Peninsula.  Ardneil is on the road between Portencross and West Kilbride.

The present estate of Hunterston is to the N of this, to the NW of West Kilbride.

The old spelling of the family was “Huntar”, and the estate, “Huntarstoun”.

Hunter of Hunterston owned the present estates as early as the time of Alexander II, King of Scotland” (reigned 1214-49).


Hunterston Castle first built 13th cent. by Hunter, Laird of Hunterston.

John Huntar, 14th Laird built the Great Hall at Hunterston 1500.



Hunterston Castle


Clan Hunter

Clan Hunter (Gaelic: “Clann an t-Sealgair”) is a Scottish clan which has its seat at Hunterston in Ayrshire. It has historical connections with both the ‘Highlands’ and ‘Lowlands’ of Scotland due to several centuries of operation in some of the formerly Gaelic speaking Scottish Islands including Arran, Bute and the Cumbraes where the Hunters also long held land.