Hunters in The Civil War

Hunter, Charles A.

  • Side: Union
  • Battle Unit: 34th Massachusetts Infantry
  • Citation State: Virginia

In the assault of Fort Gregg, bore the regimental flag bravely and was among the foremost to enter the work.

Cooke, Walter H.

PLACE OF BIRTH:STATE OF BIRTH:RANK:CaptainUNIT:4th Pennsylvania Infantry MilitiaCOMPANY:KCITATION PLACE:Bull RunCITATION STATE:VACITATION DATE:VACITATION:Voluntarily served as an aide on the staff of Col. David Hunter and participated in the battle, his term of service having expired on the previous day.ENTRY PLACE:ENTRY STATE:DATE ISSUED:19 May 1887.

Hunters in Aberdeenshire

James Hunter (1754-1826) married Elspet Paterson (1765-1851).

Children of James and Elspet were Adam (1801-1822), and Elizabeth (1811-1812).

James, Elspet, Adam and Elizabeth were buried in the Tullich Churchyard, Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


To the memory of
JAMES HUNTER, farmer of Waterhead and Head of Inch d 13 Apr 1826 aged 72; and
ADAM his son d 21 Mar 1822 aged 21; his dau
ELIZABETH d 4 Jan 1812 aged 4 mths; his wife
ELSPET PATERSON d 17 Jul 1851 aged 86.
This stone was erected by his surviving sons, William & James Hunters

Hunter of Blackness Memorial

The Blackness Aisle, burial place of the Wedderburns, Barons of Kingennie and Baronets of Blackness, and now the property of the Hunters of Blackness. An inscription now obliterated gave the date of erection as 1615.


 Thankful HUNTER1846Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesThankful, a. 30 y., d. Solomon, and Joshua Blanchard, a. 35 y., machinist, s. Joshua and Mary, May 7, 1846.*Marriage

Hunter Roots to the Pilgrims

In searching databases for Hunter families connected to the Mayflower I did find our surname Hunter in the Mayflower Families Fifth Generation Descendants, 1700-1880. There were 39 records found. John Hunter p. 257 is in the image below.

Hunters in Ayr

In the National Records of Scotland marriages for Dalry, St Palladius are the following Hunters found:

Anderson-Hunter married 24/7/1921

Coyles-Hunter married 19/10/1952

Hunter-McCully married 17/6/1908

Hunter-McGennis married 4/2/1856

Hunters in Angus

Marriages found in the records of the National Records of Scotland for Dundee St Andrew’s:

Hunter-McLachlan married 10/8/1840

Hunter-McFalls married 13/4/1887

Hunter-Hiobe married 11/11/1895

Martin-Hunter married 1851

Pindar-Hunter married 1/2/1891

Helping with our Hunter One-Name Study

Last night I received an email from a lady in California wanting to help with the data to be added to my book, and what a wonderful helper she was. Not only data, but wonderful family photos she shared with me with permission to use them in this study and my book.

Thank you Alexandra

Venator History

Willieme le Venator or William the Hunter in 1116 built a timber stronghold on the land that is Hunterston. The area was called Hunters-town in Ayrshire.