Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston

Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston was born September 23, 1864.

He married Grace Strang and they had no children.

On March 18, 1940 Sir Aylmer died. He and his wife are buried in the West Kilbride Cemetery, West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, Scotland.

Hunter-Weston Memorial

Venator Families

William Venator, the first Laird of Hunterston is named at the inquisition, a Royal court, of David, Prince of Cumbria in 1116 AD.

The next person is Norman Venator mentioned where he received a grant of land from King Malcolm IV of Scotland (1153-1165).

Norman was the second Laird of Hunterston and following in line was still a Venator named in Charters during the reign of King Alexander II (1214-1249).

Hunters Of Blackness

West of Dundee, at the junction where the main roads from Coupar Angus in the north and Perth in the west join is Blackness House. In 1741 the Blackness Estate was put up for sale at public auction and Alexander Hunter of Balskelly was the highest bidder. Alexander was 2nd of Balskelly and now 1st of Blackness.

Alexander’s firstborn was David Hunter, 2nd of Blackness, 3rd of Balskelly (1743-1809).

Warner Surname

One of my favorite surnames in my family tree is Warners of Warner Hall Plantation in Gloucester County, Virginia.

Colonel Augustine Warner II is my 8th Great grandfather. From early on he was my favorite ancestral grandfather and Ralph and I made a trip back to the area to visit where he and the family were buried. Warner Hall Graveyard is and will always be one of my favorite graveyard to visit.

Colonel Augustine Warner of Warner Hall Plantation

Ireland: An Hibernian Atlas, 1798

Hugh Hunter, M.D. was born in Hunterston Castle. His father, Robert Hunter, 20th Laird of Hunterston Castle and his wife, Elizabeth Craufurd. He married Isabella Elizabeth Semple. Their son, William and his wife, Elizabeth Cunningham are my immigrant grandparents.

They emigrated from Scotland to Londonderry, Ireland. Hugh and Isabella Elizabeth died in Ireland, but their children came to America.

Hunterston House

I attended my very first Clan Hunter International Gathering in Ayrshire, Scotland in June 2014.

When I first saw Hunterston House I was so impressed with the beauty and size. It was first started in 1799, but took seven years to complete.

I have never seen inside, but many of my Hunters have and I hope someday I will be so blessed. I have seen many photos and have my own photos of the house (outside), the grounds, and of course, the main Hunterston Castle.

The Hunterston House website is a favorite website of mine because it shows the filming that has taken place there over the years and especially the filming of the first season of “Outlander”.

Photo of Hunterston House taken by Phil Eken, 2017.